How to make your own hammock

One of the other things I found myself to do while volunteering on an organic farm in Northern Thailand via WWOOF, was making my own hammocks.

Hammocks are possibly the best and most comfortable thing throughout South East Asia and what’s even better; you can now bring this little sense of paradise to your own homes!

While on the farm, I noticed there was only one proper hammock and it was taken by one of the exhausted volunteers 😉 most of the day. I studied the knotwork of that hammock and figured out how to make my own. Mr. Wat, the farmer, gave me a spool of tough nylon line that he uses in the fields normally and I started to knit my way to relaxation.

Meanwhile, little Subichai is relaxing already in the ‘hammock’ made of the first sample before I got the technique down.

boy in hammock

If you plan on making your hammock, too: the basic idea is that you make it out of one piece of line. So no cuts, since every cut is a potential weak point while carrying your heavy lazy ass 😉 The drawing should clarify further instructions on how to Do It Yourself 🙂

DIY hammock