Handle with care – is this cactus talking to me? – Thailand

cactus - handle with care

Nature often inspires me in my drawings. At the Layao Farm, where I volunteered for two weeks, I loved spending my afternoon in the garden drawing plants and flowers.

And let’s be honest: I feel like a cactus sometimes, too! 🙂

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  1. John

    very nice drawing dear! love it (as long as you don’t start looking like a cactus you should be alright)

  2. Bernie Hooper

    Real nice illustration Lil. Do they eat the cactus? In the southwest region of the USA, and also in many places in South America cactus is a food source. Warning…remove the prickly part first! Love you dear…thinking of you always.

  3. Anneke

    You feel like a cactus sometimes……hm I know what you mean. I won’t give any details, that’s for other people to find out. Nice drawing btw.
    Love mom.

  4. Mooie tekening! Plant zelf lijkt trouwens verdomd veel op wat ik thuis heb staan, jammergenoeg kan ik geen foto bijvoegen…

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