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Kingsday Queensday Koningsdag Koninginnedag Nederland Netherlands Amsterdam celebration party festival street music crazy Dutch 30 27 april hare krishna chanting singing hippies

Everything goes on King’s day – crazy Dutch

  Now that I’m back in the Netherlands, I love to observe some of our cultural peculiarities. One of them is King’s Day. Since the Netherlands is a…

it's raining cats and dogs in Amsterdam umbrella cycling bad weather canal houses streets night

Zen Dutchie fights the weather..

  After 13 months of traveling the tropics, Amsterdam’s incredibly bad weather is a bitter pill to swallow.. but hey, I’m Dutch. And Dutchies are water resistant.. right? February 2016 I…

How the nomadic traveler look seems awkward in Amsterdam backpacker wardrobe hipster fashion not fitting in

Back in Hipsterdam

How the nomadic traveler look after 13 months all of a sudden kind feels kind of awkward.. February 2016 I returned to my hometown Amsterdam after having traveled…

back in amsterdam dear friend 13 months i travelled solo in south east asia and india i created artwork for local businesses in exchange for food accommodation in more than 100 illustrations i captured my experiences blogged them on lilianleahy.com i returned to the netherlands ambitioning a career as a self-employed illustrator sign painter hand lettered menu board in bar or restaurant handpainted signboard decoration of your musical instrument a wall floor door painting in babyroom illustrated business cards

Back in Amsterdam! (and looking for creative opportunities)

Canal houses streets of Amsterdam canvas painting drawing art Lilian Leahy

Touch base – Amsterdam

Amsterdam. Famous for.. well, we all know what Amsterdam is famous for. But more than spliffs and the red light district, Amsterdam has been home to me for…

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