Project Type: Visual storytelling

Live visual notetaking for business events

Together with a team of illustrators I am part of Getekend Verslag, a great initiative of Ageeth van der Veen.  We work live and on location to visualise…

Thomas & Nastasja

Their wedding invitation tells their love story in a comic-book style way. Hand drawn with watercolor, printed on 300 grs paper

Sophie & Remon

Hand drawn with watercolour.

Floor & Milan

When a group of friends of the bride thought about what they could offer her as a wedding gift, they looked for something unique and original. This illustrated love…

Illustrated infographic

For Yogaschool Noord I drew this infographic that helps members pick a class that suits their needs. “We’re so happy with the creative and playful illustrations Lilian made for…

‘Tom in Panjim’

For a Dutch customer I drew this imaginary river scene in Goa, India. She spend three years with her son Tom in India. In the drawing I drew all…

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