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Hand made illustrations, digitally composed. Printed on 300grs recycled paper.

Mural painting yoga studio Balanz~s

For yoga studio Balanz~s in Rotterdam I hand painted this mural quote and botanical decoration on the wall in front of the reception desk. We are so happy…

Quiet mountains mural painting

For our baby room and own bedroom I painted this mountain scenery in gradients of mint green.


Handmade illustration, paper cutting techniques and ink painting combined. Printed on 300grs paper.  


Hand made illustration using water colour, printed on 300 grs paper.  


  Hand made illustration in water color, printed on 300 grs paper    


Hand drawn illustration in water color, printed on 300 grs paper

Thomas & Nastasja

Their wedding invitation tells their love story in a comic-book style way. Hand drawn with watercolor, printed on 300 grs paper

Handlettered quotes as covers for the Body & Mind Yoga Magazine

For a few editions of the Body & Mind Yoga Magazine I illustrated quotes for the cover.

Yoga illustrations

For an article on the benefits of Shirshasana, the head stand, I drew a series of illustrations.


Thank you card, hand drawn with watercolour, printed on 300 grs paper.

Wedding chalkboard sign

Hand lettered sign board to welcome wedding guests with a personal touch.

Sophie & Remon

Hand drawn with watercolour.

Wedding Chalkboard Sign

For a lovely couple I hand lettered this chalkboard wedding sign (50 x 70 cm)

Window drawing

Summer 2016 I had a pop up studio with my partner and designer Cedric Ceulemans in Rotterdam.

Floor & Milan

When a group of friends of the bride thought about what they could offer her as a wedding gift, they looked for something unique and original. This illustrated love…



Illustrated infographic

For Yogaschool Noord I drew this infographic that helps members pick a class that suits their needs. “We’re so happy with the creative and playful illustrations Lilian made for…

Mural painting ‘Dancing cranes’

For yoga and dance school Studio Hillegersberg in Delft I designed and painted this mural of two dancing cranes. The crane is both a yoga pose as well as a…

‘Tom in Panjim’

For a Dutch customer I drew this imaginary river scene in Goa, India. She spend three years with her son Tom in India. In the drawing I drew all…

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