For a Dutch customer I drew this imaginary river scene in Goa, India. She spend three years with her son Tom in India. In the drawing I drew all the important landmarks of that time off photos. Baby Tom and his mother are standing on the ferry.
Size of the artwork is 30 x 40 cm.

“Lilian made the illustration ‘Tom in Panjim’ for my Dutch son Tom. I first saw her illustrations about India online, and was immediately fascinated by them. She made a masterpiece for us and sent it to us in Malaysia. There are so many details in her paintings, and every time we look at it it brings us back to our time living in Goa. Lilian, you are a gem, and we are very proud to have a Lilian Leahy hanging in our house.”

Marion Thielen, Kuala Lumpur.

tom in panjim detail 1

tom in panjim detail 3

tom in panjim detail 2 tom in panjim detail 4

All designs © Lilian Leahy