On a mission for a swimming pool in Yangon – Myanmar

swimmingpool yangon

Yangon is where my travel in Myanmar started and ended. I had to give Yangon a second chance – the first time I left it with mixed feelings and lots of dust and traffic fumes cluttered up my nose and throat.

The second time I was not only welcomed by unlimited traffic but also by the lovely Gemma, a Dutch girl living in Yangon. I’ve happened to meet her over the summer while both volunteering at a music festival. In Yangon,

Gemma has found herself a great appartment in downtown Yangon. She decorated it with great taste and AirBnB is now paynig the rent. She teaches English too and is working on setting up a cycling tour for tourists.

I got a different Yangon experience whle staying with Gemma. Especially the many art galleries and cosy cafés and restaurants with healthy food made Yangon much more the place to be than I orginally I thought it was. That is, except for the lack of accessible swimming pools… 😉



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  1. Anneke

    So does this means you never got to dip in the pool, although you had paid $50 ??
    That’s ridiculous!! Hope you enjoyed the cocktail though.
    How is Cambodja so far?
    Xx Mom

    • Lilian Leahy

      Hi mom! No it doesn’t mean we spent 50 dollar a person and did not get to swim… Of course we don’t have 50 dollar to spend so we went on to look for another pool that would let us swim at a reasonable price. Cambodia is a major change but have met great people so having lots of fun! Xx

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