Tha Khaek, The LoopOne of my goals traveling is to overcome fears. I don’t have many, but one of the few remaining was to ride a motorbike. When once crashing a motorbike at the age of 21 after a the very first try, I was pretty sure I was just not meant to ride a bike.

To challenge this idea, I rented a motorbike in Cambodia a few times to get some experience before going for the real thing: “The” 3 day loop from Tha Khaek in Laos. And it was a heavenly experience! Winding roads, stunning limestone karsts, clear rivers, lakes and intense green forests.



The 7,5 km long Konglor Cave half way was simply breath taking. I’ve never seen something like that in my life: a shallow river allows you to go through by motorboat and that took a good 45 minutes, with the head torch of the boatman as the only guidance.

Konglor Cave

We slept in guesthouses along the road where we had a good time meeting fellow riders.

fellow riders

Thanks to my road buddy Heather, a speedy rider from Canada, I had loads of fun along the way!

Heather and I