A random busride in Laos – it’s all part of the adventure!

busride in LaosBusrides in Laos. Oh well.. what can I say? I guess it’s all part of the adventure. It surely tests my patience 🙂

The events in this drawing literally all took place during one and the same busride. After they fully stacked the roof of the bus, I thought we were good to go. But when they started moving all of our backpacks from the storage below, up to the isle in between our chairs, I had to withdraw that conclusion. Appearantly, putting goats and piglets in the bottom storage of the bus was an option I hadn’t yet consiidered!

Laos -- kids watch me draw

photo credits: Heather Robynne


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  1. John

    colors are working well for you Lilian, this is great! (reminds me of my dads bus! ha-ha)

  2. Anneke

    My oh my…..it’s a good thing you have all the time in the world! Gemiddeld elke 10 km een stop……lijkt mij ook niet “je van het”.

  3. Jess Leahy

    Hello, Lilian!! I am really enjoying hearing these stories of your travels and all of the artwork that goes with it!! I agree with your dad too, the addition of colors to your journal entries is wonderful!! I have been following you mostly on Instagram, but I thought it would be nice to leave a message for you here.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your beautiful and intriguing adventures through Asia!

    • Lilian Leahy

      Dear Jess, thank you for following me and for leaving me a message here: I appreciate your support so much! Love, Lil

  4. Bernie Hooper

    Oh Lil…that story of the pigs and goats on the bus had me really laughing! :>) It may have seemed like a nuisance at the time, but years from now it probably will be one of your favorite (and funniest) memories.

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