Tushita Meditation center Introduction to Buddhism 10 day course McLeod Ganj India

Being mindful is not that easy… 😉

“The gong woke me up this morning at 6 and I forgot entirely about ‘waking up mindful’ as was explained yesterday. In stead of that I rushed to the toilet and the sgowers, determined to take a shower before morning meditation started and before anyone else.

As I am already undressed, the shower gives only ice cold water. Freezing cold. I dress back again quickly and try the one next door: same problem.

The boiler appears to have been swtiched off all night. Turning it on is not gonna help for the next 20 mintues and that’s about all the time I’ve got now. “What dumb idiot switched off that boiler?!” I rage in silence.

I decide to take a cold shower. And take pride in doing so, which then again puts me in a good mood. Fresh and clean I arrive in the gompa for the meditation.”

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