advtages of being a women in Delhi Metro

I’m in Delhi and I found my way to a nearby metro station. I’m on my way to cross the entire city to get to South Delhi where my Couchsurfing host will be awaiting me. She asked me to come at 9 am because she needs to head out after that, and so I face the challenge of travelling the morning rush hour fully loaded with backpack and guitar.

When I managed to pass the security check (looong lines) and the first metro arrives, it is jammed with people. The doors open and 50 pair of mostly men’s eyes stare at me. Without hesitation I put my right foot on the doorstep.. and something miraculous happens: everyone scooches in just a tiny little bit more and all of a sudden there’s space for me and my luggage!

Lesson number 1: it’s never full, and there’s always room for one more person.

In Europe using public transports with that much luggage during rush hour would get you angry stares and sighs, but here I receive gentle smiles and one of the rare woman in the compartment asks where I’m going to verify if I’m heading in the right direction. How nice!

When I arrive at my couchsurfing host I’m nonetheless one hour late. She waives my apologies away and doesn’t seem ready to leave her house at all. Lesson number 2: an hour late is still early in Indian times.