5 - light offering ceremony


Prayer is an important aspect of ashram life. In the Phool Chatti ashram there is a daily evening prayer, or ”pooja” which is performed in the small Shiva temple on the property.

The ritual starts with a loud rythmic bell ringing and horn-blowing on a big sea shell. The priest lights the candles and incense and performs a blessing ritual on the statues in the temple. Then a prayer is recited and a mantra is chanted.

After that he makes his round with the fire among the ashram residents who put the light of the fire into their being with an according symbolic gesture.

Phool Chatti Ashram is a 100 year old ashram located 7 kms north of Rishikesh on the Ganga river bank. Here, you can experience ashram life in a one week retreat program. This post is the first of 6 posts on my experiences in the ashram.

To read more about the retreat program, have a look at the Phool Chatti website.