Back in Amsterdam! (and looking for creative opportunities)

back in amsterdam dear friend 13 months i travelled solo in south east asia and india i created artwork for local businesses in exchange for food accommodation in more than 100 illustrations i captured my experiences blogged them on i returned to the netherlands ambitioning a career as a self-employed illustrator sign painter hand lettered menu board in bar or restaurant handpainted signboard decoration of your musical instrument a wall floor door painting in babyroom illustrated business cards

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  1. Anneke

    Hi dochter, ik heb hem voor je gedeeld op FB. Niet dat ik verwacht dat het voor jou iets oplevert, mijn FB groepje is klein, maar je weet maar nooit uit welke hoek een reactie kan komen.
    Verder alles goed? xx mam

  2. Surajit

    Love your Tushita illustrations! I was in McLeod Ganj a couple of weeks back and walked everyday to their drop-in meditation class. The vibration in the Gompa is quite something.

    Yes, my country is quite loud and colourful. But do travel to the North East of India to get another perspective. Thanks.


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