Anywhere, anytime, it’s time for a SELFIE! – India

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It seems to be the favorite thing to do on a sunny weekend day: get your friends and family together, head to a public park or monumental garden, pay an entrance fee to get in, and then.. take photos of yourself.

A Lot Of Photos.

You know, you can never have enough photos of yourself really. And besides that, what else is there to do in a public park except for looking so pretty as if you just walked off the set of a Bollywood movie and take your own photos for hours? That’s right, every day a new Facebook profile pic.

Ask any Indian to confirm. Chances are that he will get his phone out and wants to take a selfie photoshoot with you too.. So be warned πŸ˜‰

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  1. Anuraj Sibia

    hahaha.. even the prime minister of India is a selfie freak

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