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In 6 minutes and 20 slides: how I traveled more than a year by trading skills

You can now listen and watch the Pecha Kucha presentation I gave in Leiden on May 3rd. I explain how I traveled for more than a yearin South East…

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What I’ve learned of 7 months travel in South East Asia

After 7 months in South East Asia, of which only 4 were actually planned, it’s time for a quick evaluation. To go short – it were the best…

What changed when I became a long-term traveller

Some observations on how things changed for  me after months of traveling 🙂

Ways of cheap travel: trading artwork for food & accommodation

When I left home more than 6 months ago, I had high expectations of this illustrated travel blog. Of course I enjoy journaling for family and friends, but…

A tall tree – Asia

If I had taken a photo of every tree that caught my eye in Asia, I could wallpaper a 5 bedroom villa with that right now. Trees come…

How to create a home away from home – backpacking South East Asia

When on the road for a long time, I take another travel pace. Unlike tourists, a long term traveler doesn’t visit temples, museums and waterfalls each and every…

Crossing borders – where corruption meets theatre

Crossing borders is that part of traveling that, if you had to mention any, could be referred to as the down side. It’s often times a lengthy, tiring…

The wonderful world of WiFi connections in Asia ;)

True Story! Read clockwise, starting upper right corner.

The small things that make me happy while traveling

I guess the drawing says it all!  

The backpack dilemma – why am I carrying all this stuff around?

The basics of backpacking is to travel light. And I know what you’ll be thinking when you look at this drawing: “Just get rid of stuff! Donate it…

The physical effects of traveling in Asia

This drawing doesn’t need additional explication, does it? 🙂

Backpacker’s talk – episode 1

Ok I know: it’s hard NOT to notice we’re backpackers. Whether it’s our skin color, our height, our clothing, our maladjusted behavior or our huge HUGE backpack: we…

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