Meditation: calm down, calm down, calm down – Cambodia

Meditation Yoga retreat Cambodia Hariharalaya ilustrated travel journal Siem Reap

The Hariharalaya retreat center in Cambodia was my refuge turning 30 (see my previous post). And, it was so good that I went back for more. Six days of yoga practice and meditation twice a day, strictly healthy and vegan food, no coffee and a digital detox. And that feels good.

Hariharalaya yoga meditation center Cambodia Siem Reap

But meditation, good lord. Calming the mind is hard work! I think anyone who ever tried it can relate to this. So that’s why it’s called “practising” meditation. 🙂

Meanwhile, I was happy to paint Hariharalaya some signs.

Signpainting Hariharalaya Yoga Meditation Cambodia

Hariharalaya Yoga meditation retreat center Cambodia signpainting

Hariharalaya yoga meditation retreat center Cambodia signpainting Rumiif you are irritated by every rub how will you be polished

Hariharalaya yoga and meditation retreat center Cambodia Joel Altman Lilian Leahy signpainting

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  1. John

    hi daughter! still rambling around the world, waiting for a sign? ha-ha. Some really pretty signs this time Lilian.

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