Photo: Nichon Glerum

When I grew up I spent a lot of time drawing and crafting. I had my own little drawing desk in the living room, filled with piles of paper, pencils, markers, watercolours and what not. Any passerby – from my grandmother to the mailman – received a drawing, randomly taken from the pile of drawings I made day after day. “Here, it’s especially for you” I would say, to the laughter of my mom.

Although for a while I thought that going to art school would be a good idea, I gradually developed many more interests. Among them were cultural diversity, human interest stories and languages. So I studied Cultural Anthropology in the University of Amsterdam. Initially because I wanted to tell important stories as a journalist or documentary film maker. Later I was more compelled to where the action takes place as I worked to support children from a socially disadvantaged background.

Traveling has been another way for me to collect stories worth telling. In 2008 I spent 6 months in Morocco living in with local families to learn the language and get to know their culture, in 2009 I backpacked trough Jordan, Syria and Lebanon. In 2010 I visited Burkina Faso and Mali. In 2012 I backpacked through Nepal and in 2015 I spent a full year traveling solo in South East Asia and India.

During that sabbatical year of traveling I rediscovered my passion for drawing. As I kept an illustrated travel journal, I got to warm up my hands to the practice of holding a pen every day. Soon I felt that there was no way back: I had to somehow integrate creativity and visual expression into my professional life.

And here I am today, a self taught illustrator and visual storyteller. I combine observation of the ordinary and telling personal, human stories. My illustrations are playful, witty, relatable and personal.

Through my illustrations I inspire people around me to find back their creativity – whether it’s through drawing, writing, playing music, building or cooking – because it makes you happy and healthy.

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Lilian Leahy drawing