Dumpster Jam made of 100% saved fruits!

It’s easy to complain about what’s wrong with this world, and I admit I go down that road every so often. But it’s much more fun to just do something positive – and tangible – about it!

Dumpster diving is a fun counter action to food waste. Look what we found on a Saturday afternoon after having asked 3 market sales people in Rotterdam: a box full of wasted fruits and vegetables, ready for the dump.

lilian on bicylce dumpster diving

Besides preparing ourselves and our flat mates a big dinner and a breakfast the next day, we also had enough left to make plenty of dumpster jam. And of course I finished them off with hand drawn labels 🙂

dumpster jam dumpster diving saved rescued wasted fruits food

February 2016 I returned to my hometown Amsterdam after having traveled 13 months through South East Asia and India, while capturing my experiences in more than 100 illustrations. Finding my way again in Dutch society is a whole new adventure in itself. And so I will keep on drawing. Keep posted!

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  1. Toos Overman

    Goed en lekker bezig Lilian!

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