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Proud Pineapple


Ok, I love pineapples. I remember a day more than 10 years ago at Curacao (a Caribbean island) where I got myself a mouth-watering huge portion of fresh pineapple. My gluttony was met with stinging sensations in my mouth and a sour tongue for the rest of the day. Pineapples are not of infinite sweetness, I learned.

But, even though I got to know this prickly side of my beloved pineapple, we did not separate. Because if you look at the pineapple plant, you just GOT to smile, right? It just looks at you with this attitude, like it’s saying: Well hello there! Here I am!

For those of you who might be concerned after this post I’m getting a little bit too much into nature: I haven’t been hugging trees yet. All is good. šŸ˜‰

beautiful pineapple bush


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  1. Toos

    Daarvoor kom je uit een te nuchtere familie ???

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