The Miraculous food out of the Karen kitchen

karen kitchen

In my previous post I mentioned my stay on the Layao Farm: an organic farm in Northern Thailand where you can WWOOF: volunteer in the fields.

Now I’m a foodie, and what made this whole experience so delightful was the great variety of vegetables and Karen cooking we got served.

mouth-watering pumpkin curry, spicy green eggplant curry, sautéed forest mushrooms with garlic, soy and fish sauce, and so on and so forth. Every delicious meal was topped off with a place of fresh fruit, that tasted better than anywhere else.

And I have to say: these kind of foods fueled our engines up. we were weeding those gardens like never before! 🙂

pineapple in the garden

Pineapples fresh out of the garden



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  1. John

    sounds yummy, bring it on! can’t get fat eating that!

  2. mike

    wow, what’s that morning glory like? Awesome pineapples!

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