Catfish entertainment @ the Layao farm – Thailand

catfish entertainment

WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) hooks volunteers up with organic farms worldwide looking for help. Doing some “WWOOFing” was on my wishlist since long but in Thailand I finally got the chance to truly experience it. Arriving at the Layao Farm I liked the place right away. Tucked away in a mountaineous remote corner of Northern Thailand, this fruits and vegetables farm is run by a lovely Karen family.

At night we get together on the deck overlooking the fishpound, which is filled with many catfish. A light bulb overhanging the pound attracts giant beetles, who hit the bulb and thus often fall into the pound. Catfish tumble over each other to get their prey. Looking at this live National Geographic channel is the favorite passtime of the kids at the farm. And not only of the kids…;)

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  1. anneke

    Oh. I love the drawing, what a sweet composition!

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