The backpack dilemma – why am I carrying all this stuff around?

backpack dilemmaThe basics of backpacking is to travel light. And I know what you’ll be thinking when you look at this drawing: “Just get rid of stuff! Donate it to a local!”

But the difficulty is that once you start living out of a bag for months, you actually start to feel attached to every single piece that’s in there. Since it’s all you have. And you might need it one day. Maybe. And which local in South East Asia has shoe size 11,5 anyway? 🙂

photo credits: Heather Robynne

photo credits: Heather Robynne

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  1. anneke

    Hi Lilian, Waarom in hemelsnaam heb je kaarsen meegenomen?? Daar moest ik wel erg om lachen. En ja die make-up……van kleins af aan heb je het altijd gebruikt en ik heb daar nog nooit de noodzaak van gezien, je bent mooi zoals je bent. A So called “natural beauty”
    Love, Mam

  2. Bernie Hooper

    I agree with your Mom…no makeup required…God took care of the beauty part the day you were born:>) As for the size 11.5 shoes, marketing is the key. Ex: Good day madam…how would you like to have these unique, shoe-shaped birdhouses…comes with fancy, shoelace-style hangers! Love you Lil.

    • Lilian Leahy

      Hahahaha aunt Bernie I had to laugh out loud when I read your suggestion of the birdhouse marketing technique :)) so funny!!

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