How to create a home away from home – backpacking South East Asia

how to create a home away from home

When on the road for a long time, I take another travel pace. Unlike tourists, a long term traveler doesn’t visit temples, museums and waterfalls each and every day. An activity for the day can already be just to read a book, or to do some research on future destinations.

Personally, I need to settle down in one place every once so often to make myself at home. It starts feeling like home once I find myself surrounded by familiar places and faces, and feel I really can connect to people.

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  1. Bernie Hooper

    Experiencing the everyday things in another country is part of the fun…some of my best travel memories are, just sitting in a village knitting with the ladies, or helping them drape clothes on the tree branches on wash day. Home is anywhere in the world where you feel at ease with others.

  2. Leuk weergegeven en all so true….

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