Backpacker’s talk – episode 1

Ok I know: it’s hard NOT to notice we’re backpackers. Whether it’s our skin color, our height, our clothing, our maladjusted behavior or our huge HUGE backpack: we just don’t blend in. At all. And that’s why backpackers like it so much to gather in guesthouses and hostels and share talk and laughter about… well, that’s what I’ll be drawing about in these episodes of ‘Backpacker’s talk’ . Episode 1: Horror diseases and aches.


Regardless all of these horrifying stories we don’t want to go home 🙂



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  1. Aunt Mary

    Love the drawings and your yoga stance is graceful. I am not so balanced. Hope you don’t encounter any of those really nasty mosquitoes. Uncle Mike and I got to see some manatees swimming under a bridge today.

  2. Bernie Hooper

    on my trips to the Dominican Republic I always came back with beautiful long fingernails…I was too afraid of the germs to bite them!! :>)

  3. Bernie Hooper

    You are inspiring me to finish a project I started several years ago. I starting compiling some of my own “backpackers” stories, along with some cartoon illustrations. I pulled a few of them together and made copies for my kids, but it needed more work. Maybe I’ll get to that again. As I am reading your blog it brings back many happy memories of adventures in camping I’ve had, and also in traveling to the DR. I wish I’d done more traveling when I was young…oh well, I guess I’ll live vicariously through you Lil! :>) love you much

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