courgette goulash zucchini poivrons slowly veggie illustrated recipe vegan lilian leahy

Illustrated vegan recipes

As a (vegan) foodie, I love drawing great recipes. As colourful as the vegan kitchen, I hope these recipes show how tasty vegan food can be! More recipes…

#magicmoonweek illustration challenge instagram art illustrator yoga yogi yogaart lilian leahy illustrations

Magicmoonweek 2019

In 2019 the first online illustration challenge I took part in was the #magicmoonweek. This time I interpreted all prompts in the context of yoga, and I combined…

childhoodweek 2018, art challenge, illustrations, instagram, illustration, illustrator, lilian leahy, drawing, watercolour, childhood memories, childrensillustrator, childrensbook, bookillustrstions

Childhoodweek 2018

Another online art challenge, this time about your childhood memories. I went back to my watercolours and ink lines for this one!  

folktaleweek illustration illustrator childrensillustration bookillustration picturebookillustration mirror magic

Folktaleweek 2018

An online challenge to illustrate folktales. For one week there was a prompt every day. Clearly a challenge where I could use all of my imagination!

Inktober 2018

Inktober is an online art challenge. As the name suggests, the medium is ink.  At the start of the month an official prompts list is published. I decided…

paper cut ecoline baby sleeps lilian leahy illustrations

Baby Sleeps paper cuts – WIP

After the birth of our baby I started working on a series of paper cut illustrations based on beautiful moments with our little one. Every time he was…

talk & draw 010 rotterdam lilian leahy naomi king illustration illustrations illustrators meetup digital playground rotterdam schildersstraat event creative professionals drawing enthusiasts 2017

Talk & Draw 010: a community event

In 2017 I started together with fellow illustrator Naomi King the community event Talk & Draw 010 . It was a monthly event for and by illustrators and…

christmas cards illustrated original hand drawn lilian leahy polar bears northpole northern lights netherlands ecoline

Polar christmas cards

In 2016 I illustrated a set of 5 christmas cards and printed them for sale. The general theme of the cards was the extinction of the polar bear…

dutch girl power bicycle bicycles repair flat tire chain do it yourself diy self proud strong women illustrations lilian leahy rotterdam cartoon comic personal diary draw

Comic drawings about the small things in life

Instead of journaling about travels I started journaling about the daily little things.. in comic style.

Phool Chatti Ashram Yoga Meditation India Ganga River Rishikesh

Travelogue – an illustrated travel journal

In 2015 I had the opportunity to travel South East Asia and India for a full year and I made about 100  illustrations of my experiences. To see…

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