Couchsurfing in Mandalay! – Myanmar

IMG_0950Mandalay has been home to Steph & Josh, a lovely French – American couple, for over 2 years now. They teach English in a private school, and generously hosted me in their lovely Birmese house.

Steph warned me for the basic, Birmese living conditions. They chose to live among Birmese people in a popular quarter, instead of clutching together with other expats in an assigned appartment building.

This means: an outdoor squat toilet, a “bucket shower”, a noisy neighbourhood with barking and howling dogs at night and fermented fish curry smells starting as early as 5am because of the breakfast cooking next door. But I loved it!

I had a wonderful time with Steph & Josh, who offered me a home away from home for a couple of days. Thanks again!

mandalay couchsurfing

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  1. Anneke

    Hi Lilian, that really sounds like a good place to stay, just the way you like it best…..among the locals….although that does not count for your hosts, haha.
    It must have been nice to speak english and french again.

    BTW… have probably already notiiced that not many people leave replies at this side, but that’s because throughout Facebook you don’t go automaticly to the side…..My sisters couldnot find the pictures you were telling about, now they can because I explained it to them. Everybody gets an automatic sign if you post something on FB and they leave comments there, but they don’t see the rest.

    Stay safe and healthy, love mom

  2. thanks for your call last night, 4 am!! I was so vast asleep that your mother had to watsup you back.Read your posting during breakfast, beautiful. Stef & Josh seem pretty nice. I can imagine the advantages of living in town among the Birmese, good choice.

  3. Juliane

    A quick hello from Amsterdam! Love reading your entries, Lilian, and adore the drawings. That’s a great way to document your travels! Take care and enjoy the remaining time over there!

  4. Ha Lilian, zo blij dat ik eindelijk de weg heb weten te vinden naar niet alleen je tekeningen, maar nu ook de bijbehorende tekst en foto’s kan zien! Heel knap hoe je met korte impressies toch zo veel weet te vertellen. Ik ben fan! x Jacqueline

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