best of myanmar

After 5 weeks of Myanmar I can say I really, really enjoyed travelling this country. First and foremost because of its lovely people: kind, curious and extremely helpful. Everywhere I went, someone would care for me and share food and company.

It struck me to see that fathers take as much care of the children as mothers: in the streets I would often see fathers and grandfathers dragging small children around, feeding them, washing them, and being very gentle and soft. Really cute.

When giving and receiving valuables, such as money or your passport etc, the custom is to use your right hand while touching your right elbow with your left hand. I really appreciated this polite manner, which makes every transaction into a short special moment. Spending money here has not yet lost its value.

When dining in Myanmar, unlimited green tea is supplied! Great for digestion 🙂 Need I say more?

As in most cultures, also in Myanmar footwear is taken off before entering a home. I never quite got why it’s not part of Western culture. In the end, isn’t it much more clean to leave the dirt from outside under the soles of your shoes outside?

Before exiting Myanmar I will share the 15 best shots with you (click to enlarge the photo)