Time flies and after a long and juicy summer, Talk & Draw 010 was back last Thursday, 21st of September with guest presenter Ailisha Read!

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Ailisha Read is an artist, creative director, strategic brand advisor and the owner of visual communications agency Aideen. Since her graduation from fine arts at the HKU in 2008 Ailisha has played many roles: artist, teacher, creative director, strategic advisor and business woman.

Ailisha gave an inspirational talk on how to stay true to yourself in your creative career  by accepting your flaws and improving your natural strenghts and foremost: admit that you need help.

Being brutally honest, not the least about herself,  she stressed the fact that creatives should no longer try to impress eachother, but expand their horizons and talk to the big businesses that really have no clue what there doing with visual branding.

It’s these big corporates that really need visual artists the most and where we can actually make the difference by using our ‘special superpower’ of creating visual language and causing effect with it.

Among the reviews left by visitors of Talk & Draw 010:

“Ailisha delivered an honest and inspiring presentation. Really fortunate to have attended. Thank you very much.”

“Inspirational and to the point speech”

“Love it. First time but will be back. Very welcoming crowd.”

“Such a nice initiatve. Inspiring and motivating, see you next month!”

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