Taking yoga classes in Rishikesh – and relààààx

Rishikesh world capital of yoga


And once more I find myself on the yoga mat, this time in Rishikesh, a holy city on the Ganga river bank, world famous for its numerous ashrams and yoga schools.

Rishikesh Ganga River Yoga

Yoga class with an Indian teacher is often a whole nother deal than yoga class back home in Europe. An Indian yoga teacher is most of times extremely flexible, relentless towards the students while pushing them fierce deeper into the postures, and guiding the class with a strong Indian pronounciation of English. All in all it adds quite some flavor to the experience!

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  1. hahaha ik kan mij dat helemaal voorstellen, hilarisch. Zeg hoe flexibel jij nu wel niet dan?

  2. Anneke

    Haha, ik krijg bijna medelijden met jou alleen al door de tekening! Tekening is weer zeer treffend.

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