Kitefestival Gujarat India - watercolor

Kitefestival Gujarat India – watercolor

When travelling, the most lucky you can get is being right on time to experience some local festival or celebration. Wherever you are, festivals are universally known for its intense cocktail of exuberance, recreation, excitement, somehow controlled hysteria, and they show you most of times a part of society that’s kept secret during the rest of the year.

So discovering we were right in time for the Kite Festival in Gujarat’s capital Ahmedabad excited the both of us. Cedric set off immediately to a local kite seller to buy his first kite and start practising, as the art of kiting in India is not about getting it up high, but about cutting someone else’s line. It’s like the martial art of kites and it takes years of practice. Luckily we soon found out that a kite costs only 3 rupee ( = $ 0,05) so no real loss when your kite get’s ‘cut’ and taken by the wind.

Kite festival India local kite shop

By the time the festival started, Cedric aquired surprisingly good kite techniques and we spent all day kiting on different spots.