Couchsurfing in New Delhi – Level Shoonya

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Couchsurfing is an online, international hospitality network through which travellers can find local hosts and vice versa.

I’ve always find it a nice way to get aquainted with a new place, the local customs and to meet people you won’t easily find in guesthouses and touristy sights.

When arriving in New Delhi, I was happy to stay with Shreya and her family in South Delhi. It was so nice to be welcomed in an Indian household.

I got to know her father who explained me a lot about Hinduism, her mother who is a classical Hindustani singer and Shreya who is a writer and musician.

When Shreya showed me the basement where she will be starting a cultural music and art space, called Level Shoonya, I was of course happy to contribute with a piece of artwork. The words come from Shreya, the handlettering was done by me.

Hopefully the next time I pass Delhi Level Shoonya will be up and running!

Level shoonya new delhi

level shoonya new delhi


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  1. Nice ! looks great. Interesting narration too! of course just how pure and fantastic Shoonya really is depends on the activity and the perspective. Mike Tomlin and Johan Cruyff would always prefer their opponents to have the Shoonay.

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