Calm down that monkey mind at Tushita – Introduction to Buddhism

Tushita Meditation center Introduction to Buddhism 10 day course McLeod Ganj India

Fresh and clean after a refreshing shower I arrive in the gompa at 6:45 am.

As the meditation starts: HELLO MONKEY MIND!! Maybe that shower was a little bit too refreshing ’cause man I got energy today!

All I can think of is what drawings I still want to do about Tushita, how I will put them on my blog, the illustration for surf & yoga I still need to make, whether or not I’ll go to Rishikesh in December, and on a more short term: what we’ll have for breakfast today and what I’ll do if the bread buns are horrendously big like yesterday again: eat too much or eat only half of it? In between I try to follow my breath. It seems hopeless.

The teacher mentions after 15 minutes that because there have been great meditators meditating in this gompa, the energy from that will surely help us deepen our meditations.

Well, if energies are contageous and lasting like that, they better take me out of here ’cause my monkey mind is polluting the place!

Note: the last two days of the 10 day course are meditation-only days. For more information about the course please check out the Tushita website

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  1. Chirag

    That’s such an amazing illustration Lilean

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