Back in Hipsterdam

How the nomadic traveler look after 13 months all of a sudden kind feels kind of awkward..

February 2016 I returned to my hometown Amsterdam after having traveled 13 months through South East Asia and India, while capturing my experiences in more than 100 illustrations. Finding my way again in Dutch society is a whole new adventure in itself. And so I will keep on drawing. Keep posted!

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  1. Bernie Hooper

    Hi Lilian…I’m enjoying your “back in Amsterdam” drawings as much as I did the Asia drawings:>) I guess you’re finding out that challenging situations, and total life-style changes don’t just happen in exotic places! Enjoy the new adventure honey. Hugs to you ( and pass that on to the rest of the Hollanders:>)

  2. john

    your drawings are weird and lovely at the same time. don’t stop, I’m looking forward to seeing them !

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