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Tushita Meditation center Introduction to Buddhism 10 day course McLeod Ganj India

One of my reasons for going to McLeod Ganj, in the North of India is to deepen my understanding of Tibetan Buddhism.

McLeod Ganj is famous for being the residence of the Dalai Lama. Also, Tushita Meditation Center has been around for more than 25 years to teach Westerners and Indians alike about the Mahayana tradition of Buddhism.

I first heard about Tushita 4 years ago when I spent a few days in affiliated Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu. I was intrigued at the time and I am happy to finally be able to take the 10-day course Introduction to Buddhism in Tushita.

The course will contain teachings and meditation sessions, and participating means keeping silence for the entire course. Apart from a set time for questions, and a discussion group with other students one hour a day, talking or other non-verbal communication is not permitted.

I look forward to being disconnected from internet or any electronic device, and enjoying quiet times high up the mountain in the forest. This post is the first of 8 posts on how I experienced this course and retreat.

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  1. Blandine Souchaud

    It is just perfect you have found such a quiet meaningful place to be :+)))
    My best thoughts are going with you, waiting for reading more from your very rich experiences of life

    • Lilian Leahy

      Thank you Blandine for following my blog and leaving such kind messages 🙂 hope to see you again soon! Xxx

  2. sounds like heaven ! (it would drive me nuts!) John

  3. Shivani

    Looking forward to read more on your experiences. Lovely illustration!

  4. Majid

    Hello Lilian, although I think you’ve posted this a couple of years ago, it remains very enjoyable and recognizable. At least for me, someone who recently finished this course at Tushita. The art work is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

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