How do you get the idea for an illustration?

I like when something funny or uncommon happens in an illustration, which is often my ironic, personal reflection on everyday situations. The inspiration for my drawings often comes from everyday situations I find myself in and that make me wanna laugh.

What tools do you use?

I mostly make illustrations with pencil, ink and watercolor. They’re all hand drawn and I often make the entire artwork on paper, before scanning it and optimizing it in Photoshop.

You also do hand lettering and mural paintings, right?

Yes, I  love writing fonts and drawing on walls! I can letter walls, sign boards, windows, vehicles, whatever! For hand lettering on smooth surfaces I use paint markers. For indoor purposes Posca waterbased paint markers, and for outdoor purposes acrylic markers from Molotow, or Posca with a finishing varnish.  Mural paintings I usually do with acrylic paints and brushes.

Did you go to art school for this?

No, I didn’t.  I’m what they call an autodidact: a self-taught person. I did go to school though: I have a bachelors degree in Cultural Anthropology as well as in Education, and a master degree in the faculty of Humanities. But after working for 7 years in different companies, I realized at the age of 30 that all I want to do is draw, paint and create.

Is drawing like.. your job..??

Yes, it is! It’s not just a hobby and yes I need to make my living out of this, so please pay me generously 🙂

Do you take personal commissions, for birth & wedding announcements, paintings, etc?

Yes I do. Please contact me for details on pricing and planning.

What is your price for an illustration?

That depends on your specific request. What would you like to see illustrated? What are you going to use the illustration for? When does it have to be ready?
A price for an illustration is made up of the following variables:

  • Content : what needs to be illustrated?
  • Complexity: how much detail do you wish to see in the illustration? Do I need to do a lot of research before I can draw the requested content?
  • Size: what’s the format you want it in?
  • Use: what are you going to use the illustration for?  Do you request a level of exclusivity?
  • Quantity: how many illustrations in total do you need?
  • Deadline: when do you need it to be ready?

When I have all the information I need, I send you a quotation and a proposal for planning. In the planning there are  3 delivery dates defined for a first, second and third sketch. If you need more than 3 revisions, I can do this for an additional charge of € 65 per hour. Sketches are delivered in black and white and I propose a color pallet. When you agree on a sketch, I will proceed to create the final illustration. This final illustration can not be edited.

In the quotation I also describe the licence of use you requested for the illustration. This means that you can only use the illustration for the agreed upon use, and that I keep the copyright.  You’re not allowed to make edits to the illustration yourself, neither to sell it to third parties. If you would like to have a certain exclusivity in the license (for example for a logo) then please request this as you commission the illustration with me so I can take it into account in the pricing.

More details you can also find in the Terms & Conditions