the Hariharalaya yoga & meditation retreat – Where I turned 30!

Turning 30. Was I trying to escape it, as my brother suggested, by going away traveling? Who knows.

While my Facebook news feed gradually turned into a portfolio of round bellies, new born babies and signed mortgage papers over the past 2 years, I did start to feel a bit alienated. For me, that stuff is for “when I’m grown up”, some day in the far away future. If ever.

So, how to spend my 30th birthday, the milestone I was not so much looking forward to, when traveling alone in Asia for months?

The answer wasn’t hard to find: yoga. How to better start a new era than by doing the one thing that made me happy, healthy and creative over the last 2 years? And to take that as a starting point for the years to come.

And so I signed up for the five-day yoga and meditation retreat in the Hariharalaya retreat centre, Cambodia. It exceeded all my expectations.

Hariharalaya yoga meditation retreat Cambodia

It were five intense days.

I got to unwind completely after 5 months of non stop traveling: I spent the first two – three days taking naps in a hammock for a largest part of the day, followed by reflecting on all the newly made memories, followed by dreaming about new adventures and setting future goals.

I got to experience new dimensions by doing meditation every morning and evening, discovering partner yoga and dance meditation. I opened my heart to a bunch of new and wonderful souls.

And I discovered once more that yoga and meditation is a universe out there I’m dying to further explore.

I came out feeling rejuvenated, radiant and glowing. What a memorable way to turn 30!

HariharalayaHariharalaya yoga meditation Cambodia travel


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  1. John

    Hi daughter, sounds great! I hope there’s yoga for basketball.

  2. Anneke

    Jammer dat we hier in Huizen niet en echt yoga instituut hebben waar je ieder moment van de dag terecht kunt. We komen vaak niet verder dan 1 enkel lesmomentje op de sportschool op een tijdstip dat “normale” mensen werken.

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