Nights of backgammon – Cambodia

Backgammon - play like you have nothing to loose

Meet Nils. One of the owners of the Lonely Beach Resort. A Backgammon addict. And my teacher for the these two months of intensive Backgammon-ing.


Nils and me

Every night, at sunset time, we sit at the beach with a cold Leo beer to play a game. Or two. Or more. It doesn’t get boring 🙂 And it even teaches you some insights that apply to life I’d say 🙂

Backgammon sunset beer

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  1. Anneke

    So you finally lerarend to enjoy boardgames

  2. Anneke


  3. Bernie Hooper

    I love backgammon too…we used to have tournaments when we lived out in the country. The neighbors, and some of our family members would all participate…very competitive, and a lot of fun. Uncle Joe is a good player (I have to play against him 4 times, just to win 1 game! :>) Love to you niece.

  4. Ed Collins

    Play like you have noting to LOSE, not loose. Loose is when something isn’t tight. For example, “Her shoelaces were loose.”

  5. Ed Collins

    Typo above… Nothing to lose, not noting.

    • Lilian Leahy

      Thanks Ed for painting that out! You’re the first to tell me, good eye 🙂

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