Hammock life on the beach – Cambodia

Hammock life on the beach

While traveling in Cambodia I was recommended by many people to go to the island of Koh Rong. ButI heard very different stories about it. From bad infections and bed bugs in sleezy Koh Rong backpacker crashpads to pristine beaches and heavenly nights slept in hammocks on empty beaches.

How to avoid the crowds and find the perfect island experience?

Trip Advisor offered help and I found out about Lonely Beach. This part of Koh Rong is only accessible by a special boat and not connected to roads on the island. The closest village nearby is at a walking distance of 45 minutes jungle trekkinig. It seemed to be the kind of deserted beach experience I was lookng for.

And even better. Lonely beach exceeded all my expectations. It is as beautiful as it can get in Cambodia. Clear blue water, white sand beaches, palmtrees with comfortable hammocks in the shade. And at night: skies full of stars, and magically glowing plankton when you swim in the sea. I spent 5 instead of the planned 2 days there, and I stiill had to kick myself out of there.

As my pulse dropped on the island I got to draw much more than before. And… colour! Thanks to my mother, who equipped me with a watercolours field kit, I had my first experiments with putting colour to my drawinigs. Let me know what you think 🙂

Koh Rong Lonely Beach

Koh Rong Lonely Beach palms

Koh Rong Lonely Beach sunset

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  1. wow, works well. Keep at that colors Lilian. And what are you taking these pictures with. When I click them open they’re really good quality. Pap.

    • Lilian Leahy

      Thanks dad! I’m taking the pictures with my iPhone and then editing them in a Photoshop app 🙂

  2. Bernie Hooper

    okay, here’s what I think…the watercolor illustrations are beautiful…Lonely Beach is a paradise…and you are going to need a much larger backpack on your next adventure, because I’m stowing away inside of it!:>) Love you dear…always grateful that you are sharing your experiences with us.

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