Lilian Leahy

Busy bee, early bird, yoga lover, veggie. Great love for travelling, meeting new people from all over the world, learning about different ways of life. Live and let live, and most of all: enjoy life to the fullest.

January 12th 2015 I quit my job and emptied my appartment in Amsterdam to trade it for a backpack, sketchbook, pencils, paint and brushes. Starting off in Myanmar, I traveled more than a year through South East Asia and India. In more than 100 illustrations I documented my experiences. Also, I hand lettered signboards for guesthouses, resorts and restaurants in exchange for food and accommodation. This is how I was able to afford a long time of traveling.

February 2016 I returned home and now I’m a Netherlands based illustrator and hand lettering artist. I also give inspirational talks and presentations on how everyone can travel with almost no money by trading their skills, and why this is such a fulfilling way of traveling.

Contact me if you’d like work with me.

Terms and conditions for freelance illustration work by Lilian Leahy 2017

Lilian Leahy drawing