yoga illustration head stand shirshasana lilian leahy illustrator copyright

Illustrations now also available on Saltystock

As I often get requests for illustrations by smaller businesses and private customers, I know that the budget for illustrations not always quite fit the price of tailor…

talk & draw 010 rotterdam theresa hartgers event creative meeting meetup digital playground lilian leahy illustrations naomi king illustration creativity inspiration gettogether

Talk & Draw 010 – kick off edition 16th of March!

Yes! Something new and exciting is going on! Together with fellow illustrator Naomi King I’ve been busy setting up a new creative event in Rotterdam: Talk & Draw…

whale stranded on beach acrylic painting

Exploring new things.. acrylics

One of my 2017 resolutions was to experiment more. Trying out new stuff is not something I throw in a client project: when it comes to illustrating I’m…


What is your favorite cup of tea?

The #IFDrawAWeek challenge of this week is teacups!


Sketch time!

Yesterday I started a 15 week illustration course at SKVR Rotterdam to improve my professional practice. It was such a revelation to sketch simple objects without any goal…


January: back to ink & drawing collections

January has been a month for me of grounding again in a steady drawing practice. After having explored different mediums over the last couple of months, I turned back…

Etsy lilian leahy illustrations illustrator polar bears christmas cards hand drawn ink ecoline aquarel rotterdam

Now also available on Etsy!

You can now buy your pack of 5 unique christmas cards on Etsy! Go directly to my shop. These christmas cards are part of a polar bear themed…


En het is vrijdag: de 5 kerstkaarten zijn af! Neem gauw een kijkje..

Yes, uitdaging behaald! Dit zijn ze dan: 5 handgetekende kaarten. Met ecoline, waterverf en inktpennen gemaakt. En voor jullie te bestellen als kerstkaarten! 5 stuks voor € 12,50,…

lilian leahy illustrations

Verkoop exclusieve kerstkaarten!

Ik ga de komende week een uitdaging aan: 5 dagen lang teken ik elke dag één kerstkaart. Mijn doel is 100 sets van 5 kaarten te verkopen. Aan…

forget to water the plants watering comic cartoon lilian leahy illustrations rotterdam diary draw personal complementary characters

About complementarity in relationships ;)

Just a small cartoon on the little things we complement eachother in. You might wonder what I bring to the table to complement my boyfriend’s green fingers. According to…

dutch girl power bicycle bicycles repair flat tire chain do it yourself diy self proud strong women illustrations lilian leahy rotterdam cartoon comic personal diary draw

Dutch girlpower

As a proper Dutchie, I ride a bicycle everyday.  It’s my main means of transport: like most Dutchies I prefer riding my bicycle instead of depending on public transport…

how i broke up with my plant friend cactus comic cartoon funny illustration illustrator pencil drawing plants stingy lilian leahy netherlands rotterdam

Silly cactus..

True story about what happened with this cute looking cactus I was gifted by a friend. Sorry not sorry.

no bra day stop wearing a bra illustration drawing happy boobs free breast

Every day is a no bra day!

The 13th of October is  the No Bra Day, to raise awareness for breast cancer. But why not make every day of the year a no bra day? I…

cartoon relationships living together watching movie picking film couple struggles comic funny illustration sketch drawing illustrator pencil handdrawn illustrate your world lilian leahy rotterdam amsterdam artwork fine art neatfreak hoarder hoarding weird objects

This is what happened when we moved in together

Meet Mrs Neat Freak and Mr Squirrel. Click here to enlarge this image.

cartoon relationships living together watching movie picking film couple struggles comic funny illustration sketch drawing illustrator pencil handdrawn illustrate your world lilian leahy rotterdam amsterdam artwork fine art

This is what happens when my boyfriend and I try to watch a film together

click here to enlarge the image.

Dance with me Bunny

Dance with me bunny!

Did you know that rabbits and ibex dance, too?

Animals couple animal people illustration sketch drawing illustrator pencil handdrawn illustrate your world lilian leahy rotterdam amsterdam artwork fine art

When the lion roars..

A drawing warm up exercise that I find very fun to do: take a random magazine, look for photos and combine elements of different photos into a new…

hammock life vacation holiday hammocking france illustration skecth drawing illustrator pencil handdrawn iillustrate your world lilian leahy rotterdam amsterdam artwork fine art

Hammock time in France

Last week I was enjoying a holiday in La Douce France. As drawing inspiration can sometimes be a struggle, a holiday is the perfect opportunity for some easy sketching…

mahatma ghandi be the change you wish to see in the world quote inspirational activism hand lettering graphic sketch illustration lilian leahy rotterdam

Help me help refugees on Lesbos, Greece

In 10 days from now I will spend 10 days on the island Lesbos, Greece to distribute food and other necessities to refugees who arrive there. I will…

diy ikea stork nest two storks building funny postcard new house illustrations lilian leahy rotterdam ooievaars bouwen nest grappig klussen

These storks reflect how ‘buying’ is often our first reflex

I made this drawing as a postcard for a friend, along with the birthday gift of a set of clamps. She’s a master of DIY, making her own…

babysitting together couple kids tattoo felt pens mess waterproof coloring arms diy cartoon funny illustartions lilian leahy rotterdam

When the cat’s away..

Last week we got to babysit our friends’ cutest daughters for 2 days and a night because our friends went abroad for work. We had such a laugh with the…


cat funny behavior sleeping cats secret life of our cat what cats do that you don't know lilian leahy illustrations cartoon

The secret life of our cat

The new apartment we moved to lately, comes with a cat. And not just A cat, no, an overweight diva cat that goes  by the name Skevi. Although…

art of baking bread recipe illustrated drawn handdrawn lilian leahy

It’s fun drawing recipes!

As a weekend project Cédric was baking bread.. and I was making a drawing on how to bake bread 😉

lilian leahy pecha kucha leiden netherlands travelling low budget free trading skills work to travel exchange how to travel cheap travel hacks long term travel signpainting hand lettering

In 6 minutes and 20 slides: how I traveled more than a year by trading skills

You can now listen and watch the Pecha Kucha presentation I gave in Leiden on May 3rd. I explain how I traveled for more than a yearin South East…

Kingsday Queensday Koningsdag Koninginnedag Nederland Netherlands Amsterdam celebration party festival street music crazy Dutch 30 27 april hare krishna chanting singing hippies

Everything goes on King’s day – crazy Dutch

  Now that I’m back in the Netherlands, I love to observe some of our cultural peculiarities. One of them is King’s Day. Since the Netherlands is a…

illustration lilian leahy traveling coming home cold dutch holland the netherlands how was your travel ink and watercolor illustrator Rotterdam

How was your travel?

  Yep, coming home in the Netherlands after more than a year of travel is.. cold.

Dumpster diving making jam rescued saved wasted fruits fighting food waste

Dumpster Jam made of 100% saved fruits!

It’s easy to complain about what’s wrong with this world, and I admit I go down that road every so often. But it’s much more fun to just…

smartphone glued to my hand obsession addiction too much communication day and night always online

Zen Dutchie & the Curse of the Smart Phone

  Old habits die hard.. apparently it only took me a flight from Asia back home to find my smart phone glued back to my hand again. Longing…

albert heijn coconut milk supermarket too many choices stress

Zen Dutchie & the Big Supermarket Challenge

  While traveling in Asia there was simply one kind of coconut milk: the one straight out of a freshly cracked coconut. But it can’t be that simple…

Pecha Kucha Rotterdam Netherlands Lilian Leahy inspirational speaker travel low bodget shoestring bartering trading exchange art skills illustrations sign painting march 22 2016 Arminius Museumpark

Tonight I’m talking at @ PechaKucha Rotterdam

Tonight I will talk about how I traveled more than 1 year by bartering creative skills and how you can do it too! Find more info and tickets…

whatsapp instagram facebook email mail iphone smartphone stress communication overkill notifications

News from Amsterdam: it’s raining apps

  Traveling for me also meant taking a year off from superfluous communication, threading Whatsapp chats, Facebook invitations to numerous irrelevant events a day, and all those other focus-destroyers…

it's raining cats and dogs in Amsterdam umbrella cycling bad weather canal houses streets night

Zen Dutchie fights the weather..

  After 13 months of traveling the tropics, Amsterdam’s incredibly bad weather is a bitter pill to swallow.. but hey, I’m Dutch. And Dutchies are water resistant.. right? February 2016 I…

How the nomadic traveler look seems awkward in Amsterdam backpacker wardrobe hipster fashion not fitting in

Back in Hipsterdam

How the nomadic traveler look after 13 months all of a sudden kind feels kind of awkward.. February 2016 I returned to my hometown Amsterdam after having traveled…

back in amsterdam dear friend 13 months i travelled solo in south east asia and india i created artwork for local businesses in exchange for food accommodation in more than 100 illustrations i captured my experiences blogged them on i returned to the netherlands ambitioning a career as a self-employed illustrator sign painter hand lettered menu board in bar or restaurant handpainted signboard decoration of your musical instrument a wall floor door painting in babyroom illustrated business cards

Back in Amsterdam! (and looking for creative opportunities)

common conversation in India

Sir, selfie please?

crowd in temple

How walking into a local Hindu temple got quickly out of hand..

  When traveling India one thing particularly stands out: the number of people in this country. I can’t say for all travellers but I know for sure that…

Kitefestival Gujarat India - watercolor

Living Hosseini’s “The Kiterunner” at the Ahmedabad’s Kite Festival!

When travelling, the most lucky you can get is being right on time to experience some local festival or celebration. Wherever you are, festivals are universally known for…

I think we're being observed

Meanwhile in India: I think we’re being observed..

  Meanwhile my boyfriend Cedric has come to join me for a month of travel in India, and together we head South from Delhi to the state of…

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